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Similar Jobs

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Telesales Executive

Job Descriptions : 


o Handling all Inbound & Outbound Calls.

o Build client relation and brief them about our various projects along with arrangements of site visits.

o To engage and interact with decision maker at senior level for new & emerging business opportunities.

o Must have hands on experience of Customer Relation Building.

o Promoting the Projects.

o Customer Follow-Up.

o Making Outbound Calls for generating appointments for business development team.

o Cold Calling to Potential Customers.

o Outbound Calling to Prospect Clients and Introducing Projects and the Property Proposition.

o Excellent Communication Skills and Acumen to Answer Client Queries.

In Bangalore @ JP Nagara


Sales Executive

Job Descriptions : 

Identifying potential clients,

Generating leads,

Engaging with prospects,

Negotiating, and closing sales.

Good in Communication


In Bangalore @ JP Nagara


Sales Executive

Job Descriptions:

  • Experience in Real estate residential sales.
  • Fluent in Hindi, English and Kannada languages is mandatory                                                                         
  •  Generating leads.                                                                                                                                                    
  • Negotiating, and closing sales.                                                                                                                               
  • Engaging with prospects.

In Bangalore @ Whitefield & Bannergatta


Customer Relationship Manager

Key Responsibilities:

·       Handle customer complaints,

·       provide appropriate solutions and alternatives within the time limits;

·       follow up to ensure resolution

Desired Skills and experience

The Ideal Candidate should possess the following

1. 2 to 4 Years of experience in the Real Estate Industry as a CRM Executive.

2. Should be a Graduate.

3. Good in Communication in Hindi, English and Kannada,

Gender: Female

In Bangalore @ Koramangala