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Similar Jobs

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Customer Relationship Manager

Job Descriptions :

Experience in the Real Estate Industry as a CRM Executive.

Handling customer complaints, knowledge in sales agreement, Co-ordinate with Bank, Provide proper solutions and alternatives within the time limits.

 Follow up to ensure resolution

In Bangalore @ Koramangala


Personal Secretary - MD

Major Responsibilities


1.       Organizing and performing day-to-day activities in a professional manner.

2.       Managing CEO's calendar

3.       Handling routine correspondence in an efficient manner

4.       Dealing with confidential information

5.       Handling call of MD's

6.       Attending to visitors of MD's

7.       Preparing reports and minutes of Minute

8.       Personal and official file management

9.       Coordinate the day to day activities of subordinates,

10.   Taking Notes,Follow up with the task.

11.   Schedule work as per MD.

12.   Site Coordination with Project Manager and sales Team.


·       Desired Skills and experience

Ø     Proficient with Microsoft Office, Excel, Word and.

               Internet Explorer, Professional in appearance and manner.

Ø     Good oral and written communication.

Ø     Organized.

Ø     Good external customer service.

Ø     Multitasking.

Ø     Ability to handle complex tasks efficiently.

Ø     Prioritizing tasks.

In Bangalore @ Koramangala


Tele Caller

Job Descriptions:

Real estate sales experience is mandatory, Identifying potential clients, Generating leads

In Bangalore @ Electronic City, Sarjapur


Sr Sales Executive

Job Description:

Real estate residentail sales experience is mandatory 

Hindi ,English languages are mandatory

In Bangalore @ Electronic city