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Project Manager & Planning Engineer

1.To be responsible for providing construction schedule for execution of multiple work fronts at various sites.
2. To work closely with Planning & Monitoring team, detail out construction schedule, make the Site Team aware about time line.
3. To update construction schedule and present schedule overview to contractor & Company Head and incorporate changes to keep project on track.
4. To coordinate with Planning Department and Company Head to provide various reports for monitoring the projects. 
5. To study the details of the projects with respect to Detailed Project Report and track the scope variations happening from time to time and prepare the reports for Cost & Time implications.
6. To Manage Material from site angle.
7. To Work out options to keep project within agreed plan.
9. To carry out other tasks as assigned by the management from time to time.
10. To prepare reports on monthly basis Budget vs Actual, ensuring timely data integration in accordance with Companys policy and requirement.

11.To provide technical clarification to customers.

12.Giving commitments to customers & maintaining them.


.Preparation of Project Schedule (Tools used: Primavera, MS Project etc.,) covering entire scope and within defined timelines.

•           Tracking the project progress.

•           Calculating Optimal Material requirement, Manpower Requirement (of various trades) & Machinery Requirement.

•           Plan for budget required for the project and create various budget heads to document and monitor the expenses.

•           Co-ordinate with various departments like Engineering, Architects (who provides working drawings), Procurement                (who buys materials), quality (who maintains) & Commissioning Departments.

•           Collect periodic updates and prepare daily, weekly and monthly updates of the project.


In Bangalore @ JP Jagara


Digital Marketing Executive

Job Description
· Sound technical knowledge of SEO
· Programming Knowledge in HTML ,PHP and WordPress.
· Website Designing
· Promotional Content and advanced offsite Optimization.
· SEO and Data Analytics
· PPC and paper click with adwords
· Display Advertising
· Display Advertising
· Ability to create creatives using photoshop and coral draws etc will be added advantage.
· Improve a company's organic search results and website traffic
· Write effective headlines, Meta tags and promotional content
· Compile and present SEO / Analytics performance reports
· Keeping pace with latest industry trends
· Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

In Bangalore @ JP Jagara